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Developing People Management Skills

We help our clients build great management teams – teams made up of managers who are a fantastic asset to the business. They are the people who will help the company grow, share the pain as well as the gain, take difficult decisions and embody the professionalism that is paramount in today’s competitive marketplace. In short, we want to ensure that you, our client, get managers to do the job they are being paid to do!

We have a modular programme of 2-hour workshops which are designed to fit around demanding work schedules. You can opt to choose standalone modules, or put together a coherent curriculum of skills, knowledge, tools and techniques that will provide the platform for a fully-fledged manager.

We ensure that the workshops use exercises and scenarios that are challenging, yet representative of your business.
Your investment of 2 hours per manager will yield greater productivity, greater motivation of your staff, more empowered managers, and ultimately fewer headaches for the business leaders.

Modules are available in three distinct categories:

  • Managing within the law
  • Managing people effectively
  • Personal development skills for managers

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For prospective new clients, we are offering you the chance to try before you buy. You are free to trial a telephone consultation of up to an hour to discuss any employment issues currently facing your company.

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