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HR ‘Just In Time”

Do you have employee issues?

Your directors and managers know how vital it is to protect your business. They also know that people issues in a business can be a huge drain on productivity and precious resources. Employment legislation is a potential minefield, and so ensuring that your contracts of employment are fit for purpose and that your employment processes for new joiners, recruitment, leavers, payroll, appraisal are clearly articulated and implemented by managers is vital. Only then can your directors have peace of mind.

“HR Just In Time” gives you this peace of mind, knowing that you can make a telephone call to your dedicated HR partner to discuss any problem as it arises and get a solution.

That solution may be that we write a letter for you to send to an employee; or we might come in and help your manager run a disciplinary meeting; or perhaps facilitate a meeting between a manager and an employee in a case where the working relationship has broken down. We will ensure that you get just what you need to solve the problem smoothly.

Of course one meeting or one letter, may not always be enough for some of the knottier problems that you face in your business. But by coaching your managers, we aim to raise their levels of competence and confidence so that they learn not only how to tackle these issues, but also how to avoid the many legal pitfalls.
Our service is open 12 hours a day from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm Monday to Friday. And of course, if you have an urgent need, we will make ourselves available outside of these hours. In addition to your dedicated HR partner you will also have a back-up HR partner (for holiday or sickness cover), both of whom will work with you to understand your business, anticipate your requirements and service your HR needs. This is where we are different from other national law-line HR providers. We offer you a personal level of service where we really get to know you – we build up an understanding of your business, your organisation, the culture and the type of employee issues you face. Many of our clients comment on how much they appreciate being able to talk to someone they know rather than just ringing an impersonal helpline.

Special offer for new clients

For prospective new clients, we are offering you the chance to try before you buy. You are free to trial a telephone consultation of up to an hour to discuss any employment issues currently facing your company.

Contact: 01372 451788 or Email:info@warburg-assoc.com to set up your free consultation.

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We build trust and become true partners to our clients. Please read their testimonials.

Or just ring us on 01372 451788 or email us at info@warburg-assoc.com to talk to us about your needs.