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HR Projects

Often our clients know exactly what they need but simply lack the resources to do it. We can become an extension of your company for a short project. Here are some examples:

A survey to measure employee satisfaction in the current climate. (It’s important to know that you are going to keep hold of your key staff as you come out of the recession). We will feed the results back to your senior management team and if you want, create an action plan to improve satisfaction even further.
A salary survey. Often, anecdotally, you may believe you are out of kilter in terms of salaries in the company. We can collate the data needed to analyse,and compare with the market rate for the role and geography giving you information on what you need to pay to stay competitive.
A new or updated appraisal system may be required. We can help you design one and then train the managers and employees properly in its use.

We have the skills to run these ad hoc projects. To find out more, call without any obligation and speak to us: 01372 451788. Or alternatively email to info@warburg-assoc.com.

Special offer for new clients

For prospective new clients, we are offering you the chance to try before you buy. You are free to trial a telephone consultation of up to an hour to discuss any employment issues currently facing your company.

Contact: 01372 451788 or Email:info@warburg-assoc.com to set up your free consultation.

Our services include

We build trust and become true partners to our clients. Please read their testimonials.

Or just ring us on 01372 451788 or email us at info@warburg-assoc.com to talk to us about your needs.