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Recruitment and Selection

How often have you hired someone who turns out to be not competent to do the job? Or even just someone who was merely pedestrian rather than outstanding?

Our consultants have years of in-house recruitment expertise and can help you draw up a tight job profile so that you can measure each candidate appropriately. We can help you source candidates too. And we can also help you screen candidates, run psychometric tests, and design and/or run interviews with you so that you can be as sure as you possibly can, that you get the very best candidates – the ones that can bring their expertise and energies to bear in your company – and make a difference.

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Special offer for new clients

For prospective new clients, we are offering you the chance to try before you buy. You are free to trial a telephone consultation of up to an hour to discuss any employment issues currently facing your company.

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We build trust and become true partners to our clients. Please read their testimonials.

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